• Eat, Sleep, Poop honored as one of the best parenting books of 2010. Cohen is great at identifying parental concerns, and he responds with reassuring answers, providing just enough information to assuage worries. Of the multitude of baby guides out there, this is, hands down, one of the best in years.”
    – (BookSmack! 1/21/10) Library Journal’s best how-to books of 2010 Click for Article >
  • “Love it!! I was a new parent once and I recall getting all anxious and nutty about everything. By my third child, I realized how psycho I was a bit trying to live and raise my child by the book, so I can appreciate that this book attempts to head off the crazies at the root.”
    – Belly Itch Blog May 2010 Click for Article >
  • “Though he had been doling out advice for years as a pediatrician based in Beverly Hills, Calif., becoming a father to Aubrey, now almost 2, changed his perspective on parenting, Cohen said. For instance, he said sleep training is an entirely different matter from the perspective of a parent who is listening to their child cry through the night…”
    – Churchill grad’s parenting guide may hit the big screen – Gazzette.Net Marylan Click for Article >
  • “Pediatrician Dr. Scott W. Cohen is the author of a new book called Eat, Sleep, Poop. As a new father and a Pediatrician, he shares tips to help parents relax during baby’s first year. His Enfamil sponsored event at Destination Maternity in Scottsdale, Arizona on Saturday, October 23rd was a giant success! A parking space was as difficult to find as was room to mingle among all the expectant parents!”
    – EAT, SLEEP, POOP…A BABY’S WORLD! Examiner.com Scottsdale Click for Article >

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Praise for Eat, Sleep, Poop:

  • “Dr. Scott Cohen has managed to condense everything parents need to know for their baby’s first year into a fun and readable guide. Today’s parents have more questions than ever and Dr. Cohen answers them all in this handy, readable book. I will be recommending this one to parents for years to come.”
    – Dr. Jenn Berman, author of the Los Angeles Times bestselling book The A to Z Guide to Raising Happy Confident Kids
  • “Eat, Sleep, Poop should be every new parent’s bedside staple. I would have loved to have this book 3 years ago when my son was born, but I still find it very helpful now! Dr. Cohen has succeeded in bringing readers a comprehensive book of must have baby information, tips, recommendations, and heartwarming personal stories to help parents and their babies flourish through the first year together. This is the book I will be buying for everyone I know who is about to have a baby.”
    – Kim Barnouin, Co-author of The New York Times Bestseller, Skinny Bitch
  • “As a teacher, the expectations I hold for my students are sky high. As a first time father, the expectations I hold for my child’s pediatrician are even higher and though there are scores of doctors to which I could have turned, Dr. Scott is my daughter’s pediatrician. This book is like a trip to his office, packed with expertise, humor and love. When the kids are your own, only the best will do. EAT, SLEEP and POOP is the bible of all baby books that gets my wife and me through the night.
    – Alan Lawrence Sitomer, California Teacher of the Year 2007